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Thread: New murcilago coming

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    New murcilago coming

    I hope I'm doing this right.I need all the help I can get.I am doing the body my selfI want it to be as close to the real thing as possible I have the size but no detail mesurments can I get some numbers. My page is below, I hope.

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    Re: New murcilago coming

    You have ALOT of work ahead of you....
    Without talent experience is worthless

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    Re: New murcilago coming

    It's huge even without making your own body. I'd start out with a kit first. In fact I'd start out with a kit that someone else was unable to finish.

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    Re: New murcilago coming

    I respect you for trying to undertake this! I don't want to be critical or negative, but why are you doing so? Why reinvent the wheel? John Watson's LP640 is molded from the actual car. It's pricey at $12K, but the amount of time, money, and energy you spend would be well worth it.

    I don't want to see you with a half finished pile of lumber and foam, trying to hock it on Ebay a few years down the road! That's what I'm doing with my half finished kit right now, and let me tell you, it really sucks. I wish I had bought a half finished kit instead; I'd be done by now. Don't make the same mistake I did. If you want a Murci, buy a G28(Murcy 2) from, and build it! Unless you want a kit that's not already on the market, there's no point in building a buck from scratch.

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    Re: New murcilago coming

    Best of luck my friend...

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    Re: New murcilago coming

    Quote Originally Posted by MURCI-ME
    You have ALOT of work ahead of you....
    I have the time just not always the money.

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