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Thread: Lambo Diablo 6.0 build Diary - Steltzer2000

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    Lambo Diablo 6.0 build Diary - Steltzer2000

    ok, my first build diary, way cool! i have now in my possesion a set of chassis works plans and i am so keen to get started. but of course here in the great state of victoria, australia, nothing is simple! i can't go and get my welder, drop saw, and metal and just go nuts, no no no. i must (repeat MUST) contact an engineer, sit down with him for a bit (and pay him to do so) discuss what i want to achieve with this build, how to go about it, and what happens if and when the government here will change emission laws, and any other law that might affect my build. also the chassis will need a beam and torsion test at a testing centre. also i have a time limit on this build. once i have selected and purchased an engine, i have 3 years to complete the car! i can't just build this thing leisurely! so my engineer has told me that i need to wait till the last minute to purchase and mount the engine, and to complete as much as is possible with out it, just have in mind which engine i want to use, and work off specs for it! once the engineer has opened a brief with vic roads about my intention to build a "individually constructed vehical", i then have to get him in to check on me at certain aspects of thge build. he needs to take photos of me working on the build to prove to vic roads that i built it. also some aspects of the car will need to be built by a professional (suspension mounting points etc). you can see i have had the air let out of my tires a little bit. i can't just put on some tunes and let my build take shape, i have to check everything with the engineer and make sure that it in regulation with the ADR (Australian Design Rules). Some of the OEM parts that go on the chassis works plans i found out are not actually appoved for use in australia! so i think i am going to have to fit some local car OEM parts on here. that being said the chassis works chassis has been designed with the corvette brakes and suspension in mind, well PBR make the brakes for GM and Holden, Holden being an australian brand. i might have to make those work. oh it is, the first post on my new build diary. i have been waiting for this for years! just a shame that i have to jump through 20362 hoops before i actually pull the welding trigger and put metal to metal. on a postive note, i will have a car that is built to the same standards as any other car manufacturer. Technically on paper, the whole process is designed to allow me to build a car, without the whole having to crash heaps of them into walls LOL that would defeat the purpose LOL but i will have a mint car at the end!!! really close to OEM!! i want to build it to murcie-me standards!! watch this space!

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    Re: Lambo Diablo 6.0 build Diary - Steltzer2000

    Just remember if you want parts faster and cheaper than you can make them im here, and have most in stock All brackets, suspension ect.

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    Re: Lambo Diablo 6.0 build Diary - Steltzer2000


    Also being a victorian I'll be keen to watch your progress.

    I understand how daunting the ICV process appears. Definitely puts me off starting anything anytime soon. In saying that theres loads of cobra and some gt40 replicas going around though, and these aren't all big dollar turn keys so hopefully there's some people at vicroads that understand the process.

    What body do you think you will go with?


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    Re: Lambo Diablo 6.0 build Diary - Steltzer2000

    nice to meet you xrTute,

    i have been having a chat with a guy in WA, he runs a shop there producing diablos and mercs, and i think he is getting into the gallardo. he said he will sell me shell and interior for the 6.0. once ordered he could have it on my door step in 3-4 weeks. i would like to go over there before i place an order for one, and actually see his work, and his shop. he initally didn't want to sell me one becasue of insurance and WA's version of vic roads. they said there would be issuses. but i had a chat to him through email, sugg esting the use of lawyers to write up a contract that would absolve him and his insurance company from any and all liability, and he agreed to that. exterior and interior in full for $21,000. like i said i will go over there and check him out. i will let you guys know.

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    Re: Lambo Diablo 6.0 build Diary - Steltzer2000

    Not a bad price at all considering the nightmare of a job importing a kit would be. If it's the same company I'm thinking of then they have been around for years. Intro to their website at the moment is a bit disturbing however.

    Has your engineer had a look at the chassisworks plans yet and given input on them?

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    Re: Lambo Diablo 6.0 build Diary - Steltzer2000

    do you want windowS?

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