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Thread: Taking the F40 baton!

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    Taking the F40 baton!

    Hello everyone! My name is Mark from Saskatchewan Canada. I have peeped in on this site from time to time over the last couple years for info on my different kits I have had. (thanks BTW!! ) This site is VERY helpful in so many ways I think especially for us "Northerners* as there are not many builders up here to lean on when you need help!

    Anyways, I am a vehicle addict as most of us are and thats probably why i am seperated right now!! :-\ My kit car history includes a 308 built on an 84 Fiero That i loved and regretted selling!

    Next came my 97 Limited Edition Lamborghinin Diablo Replica. It was cut and stretched and detailed in every way possible! I absolutely love it and drive it daily when weather permits! It was purple when I got it but have recently painted it black.

    I have never built a kit and have only modified ones that had already been built :-[ But I am learning slowly!! I have now decided to finish off visciouscrx's F40 and go a little deeper into the building process!! This is what I am starting with, and yes I photoshopped the fiero rims and tires out of the first picture...YUCK!! It is coming with the 20" rims but...ummmmm.....they are not going to stay! (sorry Tony!)

    I expect it to show up in 2-3 weeks and will keep everyone posted on the progress as the car has been documented on the site and I feel it is only right to continue posting it's build. So as I said....I am picking up the baton from Tony, and hopefully going to finish the race!! Wish me luck, and chime in anytime you have a thought or idea, any help would be MUCH apreciated!! Thanks, Mark.

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    Re: Taking the F40 baton!

    These are the rims and tires I am trying to find. This is a kit car (beat to hell!), and the rims are bolted on without spacers. (notice the hub, and the deep inset of the rims) I like this look although the original F40 rim is flatter. I am in contact with a guy from fieroconversions that is looking into it for me, but if anyone else has a lead please let me know!! I found a set of 14" oem Ferrari rims and tires for cheap but 14" I think would look very small as I think the F40 has 18" rims...right?? ???

    And this is what i am hoping to end up with! this is a real F40 though (due to the space infront of rear wheel and door) but as close as I can anyway. I thought I turned heads driving the Lambo around...I can't wait til this is done and on the streets! I think I will cause a heart attack!!

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    Re: Taking the F40 baton!

    Welcome Mark, always glad for another F40 build! You've got a good start with viscouscrx's F40. I'm looking forward to seeing the completion of that car.

    Maine F40

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    Re: Taking the F40 baton!

    Thanks Dana! Glad to be here!! In my eyes all the Hard stuff is done that I would hate to do. So now it is tinkering here and there, but still a lot of work. Visciouscrx seemed to really put a lot of work and thought into this build, and has not cut corners, so I agree that it is a good place to start. ;D

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    Re: Taking the F40 baton!

    Keep the us informed of your progress and keep posting pictures. Your project looks like a good one.

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    Re: Taking the F40 baton!

    They are compomotive TS wheels without the centre cap (they look better with it). I have them on my fiero 308 in 16".

    They do them in 15,16,17 & 18" with whatever offset and stud pattern you want. I got mine to suit the fiero stud pattern and offset with the 308 kit on so no need for spacers.

    Not cheap though & not sure if they have agents near you.

    These are mine
    308 GTB Fiero - Complete<br />355 Extreme MR2 - 1st Primer coat on<br />406 Coupe - Daily driver, soon to be Extreme 360<br />(Disclaimer - Any timescales mentioned in the above message are totally guessed &amp; will be subject to &#39;man maths&#39; excuses for why it wasnt finshed on time)

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    Re: Taking the F40 baton!

    Thanks so much!! That is exactly what I was looking for!! ;D I sent an enquiry to see if they can offset the rims in a 17 or 18" rim for a fiero bolt pattern that will come flush with the body kit. So I'll wait for them to get back to me. P.S What size tire are on your 16's? They look like they fit nicely in the wheel wells.

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    Re: Taking the F40 baton!

    This is pretty sweet since I'm doing the same type of build. Up until now I have just been buying parts and doing research for my chassis and I'm ready to start..So your build will be a great build to watch..Can't wait...Sorry visciouscrx's had to sell his F40 but at least it will get built..Later and Good Luck viperedvette

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    Re: Taking the F40 baton!

    Hello the last phone # I had was 1-800-621-8408 for Motorsport Specialties ask for Allen his wife Brenda(?) there In Lancaster Penn. The wheels you want are TS in 17" as that is what came on the F40 he will supply you with 17x9 up front and 17x11s rear this is the most ecomonical and will give you the best look as 17in tires are easy to get, forget 16's you cant get tires in a large enough size. Tell him you have norms F40 and he will get you the right offset. The Only problem with Motorsports is they take forever to get once you order them, but you will get them. Dont do this last get them now if you got the money and have them on hand. Thanks Norm

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    Re: Taking the F40 baton!


    The LM's went to 17's;

    The very best online bio of the F40, all 15 parts starting here:


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