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Thread: F40 Slow but worth it.....BUILD

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    Hi all,

    Got a little more done today, i have mocked up the top mount where the shock fits. I have built the tub around the shock tops so i can bolt the roll cage to them inside the car and triangulate them to the dash bar and door bars.

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    I just love the small details on this build...........

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    Slowly, but really good work !

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    Hi all,

    Still working on the front of the tub, its getting there, this will be the most awkward part of the floor pan. The tunnel, floors and engine bay shouldnt take as long. It is only screwed and glued together at the moment, i will glass it all together when i have finished adding the last few parts.
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    A few more.....
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    And some more......
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    Last few. I have also recut the bottom of the wheel tub where it meets the sill. I still need to smooth it in and add radius' to the edges.

    Comments always appreciated.

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    That’s a lot of hard work. You are very inventive in your choice of clamping devices. I’m afraid to ask but, what’s the roll of TP paper is going to be used for. LOL

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    This is a build of patience, the attention to detail and forward planning is exceptional.

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    Good progress... Did you manage to sell the front clip in the end?

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