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Thread: F40 Slow but worth it.....BUILD

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    F40 Slow but worth it.....BUILD

    G'day all,

    New member here, but i have been lurking around for a while. I'd just like to congratulate you all on some cracking projects!

    I finally thought it was time to share my F40 project with you all. Its been a long slow project to date that myself and my father have been working on for around 5 years with a 2 year break while i swanned off to Australia, but i eventually came back and once again cracking on.

    This project was originally started by someone else, with an alunimiumn 308 shell and modified from there. The project was then abandoned after several years and lay dormant in a shed until i got wind of it. Once aquired i set about making a set of mouldings from the moulds i now had filling my shed, this is what i had.....

    Close but still a long way to go! So what we had was a shell with 308 windscreen and door glass fitment, and a nice front end but all 4 wheel arches needed a lot of work along with remaking the rear end, spoiler and uprights, sills, and all the vents!, but still a good start!. The rear end was the first thing to attack. First i re-attatched it to the body then set about lengthening it, changed the rear curve, fitted rear screen, made and fitted all 16 vents, then the uprights and aerofoil were made....

    Which left me with something looking like this...

    [img width=800 height=600][/img]

    [img width=800 height=600][/img]

    [img width=800 height=600][/img]

    Then it was back into the shed to work on the wheel arches, sills and the uprights on the front of the sill that meet the front end....

    The some primer to see how it was looking

    [img width=800 height=600][/img]

    [img width=800 height=600][/img]

    [img width=399 height=600][/img]

    [img width=399 height=600][/img]

    This is about how far it got upto last year, next step is to remove the rear from the body and make all the returns and rear cab window. Also have to finish the interior tub that is about half way through the plug stage...

    Almost all work done to the rear end was done from guess work and measuments from pictures, so the actual shell is 2 inches wider, 1 1/2 inches longer and an inch lower than the original 8) Plus with the body and interior being only 2 pieces panel alignment and fitment should be much easier later on.

    Very late on into this project the opportunity came up to buy an original rear end along with a set of LM molds, which i did! So far has been very useful for internal ducting, inner arches, dash+pod etc... Also currently laying up an LM front end to see how far it is from fitting my body. Some of you may have seen these moulds on ebay a year or so ago when my father thought of selling them?!

    When i was able to put the original rear next to my own, i was shocked to see how poor the quality of the original was, wavy and not symetrical! but it is 20 years old.

    comments appreciated


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    Re: F40 Slow but worth it.....

    Looking fantastic, keep the hard work up. Your car will look great when you get it completed.

    DNA Autoworks

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    Re: F40 Slow but worth it.....

    Welcome to the forum. ....your doing alot of great work with the body. While it be a tube chassis or a donor? What type of engine? Tranny? Your are going to have a top notch F40 when completed dude. I love it.

    Building a F40 replica, 4.9 caddy, 5 speed.

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    Re: F40 Slow but worth it.....

    Darn plasticfantastic

    that is a VERY nice kit , this is the only one i have seen with the correct front end ,the bumper an front clamshell is GREAT, welcome to the forum, i will be watching your build ,WHO make this kit, will you be making them, i wish the builders here could get the front section for theirs kits, it would improve thier kits alot 8) ;D 8)
    In the USA if you pay a company / person to start a plug, then it,s your plug and work ,it is not theirs to sell or trade !!

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    Re: F40 Slow but worth it.....

    Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting. I commend you for tackling such a huge project. I look forward to your status updates and the final car. But, as we all know, kit cars are about the journey and not the final product.

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    Re: F40 Slow but worth it.....

    Welcome to the forum!! ...and nice start on the F40! It seems we have a lot of F40 builds going on now so we can check on each others for some tips! Good luck!

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    Re: F40 Slow but worth it.....

    You will do great things.

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    Re: F40 Slow but worth it.....

    very nice work you are doing. what country and state/area are you in

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    Re: F40 Slow but worth it.....

    Looking good, by the look of the other cars he is in the UK

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    Re: F40 Slow but worth it.....

    Always great to have another F40 build on the forum! Looking forward to a great build!!

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