I wanted to do something totally different than the next guy who had a 4th gen camaro. So why not build a Replica of jon mosses late model ZL1!. I'm not sure if to call my car a kitcar or a replica or a possible tribute car.

The car is a 1996 Camaro RS base car, it has the 3.8 V6 engine but don't under estimate what they can do. I have been rarely beat and its been by cars well out of my league. Other than that I've spanked everything else!. :

Here's the last pic I took before the conversion began.

So the first things first We had to get a T-Top conversion done

$500 including parts and it turned out great.

I got ground effects of a 1998 Z28. Nobody has ever attempted to put them on an LT1 body.

I knew I couldn't go with the stock RS package, I needed something different to accomplish the ZL1 look I wanted.

So with littarly no modifcations needed this is how the 98+ground effects package looks on a 93-97 Camaro

Ill tell you its probably the best body kit I have ever seen on a camaro.

I also picked up a wing, a freedom spoiler for only $127 off amazon that included the shipping!.

All in all I think this is probably the best starter kitcar for any young kid like me. I'm a student who's becoming an enterpuener so at the moment I'm not ballin big but I will be soon.

This is what I hope to go after when I'm done with the camaro.

Same day I bought the ground effects up in the lamborghini of denver.

You can see my camaro in the back ;D

I have to get paint by the end of the month or Prototype 2 will have serious bragging rights of "I can build a car faster than you can paint one"

It beats the hell of out the typical SS spoiler with the Z06 wheels and the corvette red.