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Thread: Engine & Gear Box

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    Engine & Gear Box

    Hi everyone, I've been reading this forum day to day. I need a drive train and gearbox for my project. I wanted a BMW V12, but they are very rear to get hold of, especially if you are on a budget. My questions are;

    1. Will an Audi gearbox fit into BMW 740i without any modification?

    2. Which Audi gearbox will be the best?

    Your contribution and advice will be highly appreciated

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    Re: Engine & Gear Box

    1-no, 2-no

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    Re: Engine & Gear Box

    Are you putting the transmission into the BMW?
    If you are building a replica and installing the V12 into the rear you need an adapter plate and custom flywheel. This is required.
    We have pretty much determined that the Audi can not be abused. It works but it can not be shocked in any gear.

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    Re: Engine & Gear Box

    Thank you so much, you made me feel a sence of belonging. From the threads I have read, I can see BMW V12 engine fitted with Audio gearbox so I would like to know if fitting the audi gearbox to BMW 740i is possible

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    Re: Engine & Gear Box

    It is possible to adapt the BMW engine to an Audi box but you will need to be cautious as to how you drive the car. Try the 01E box.

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