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Thread: F40 My first build

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    F40 My first build

    Hello all... This is my first time building a kit ... I start my f40 replica project about 2 months ago...If anyone has good ideas and opinions pls comment.....

    This is the donor car, 86 fiero gt five speeds...

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    Re: F40 My first build

    Here r more pics

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    Re: F40 My first build

    Looking good

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    Re: F40 My first build

    Coming along good ;D

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    Re: F40 My first build

    Thanks guys, 2day I going to work on the headlights and tail lights.. I will used this set of Z32 headlights... I know Them r not the type of headlights are indicated for the f40, but I think it's the easiest way and also looks good in this type of bumpers...

    I saw many F40 replicas with this kind of headlights....

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    Re: F40 My first build

    I get this beautiful set of F355 tail lights the last week

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    Re: F40 My first build

    keep the updates coming...

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    Re: F40 My first build

    I don't recommend using 300ZX headlights. I have a short vid of one and I screams KITCAR louder than a train horn.

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    Re: F40 My first build

    Just mount the lights today...

    Cutting the bumper.....

    Fiberglassing the metal brackets...

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    Re: F40 My first build

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