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Thread: Maintaning the build of a Lambo replica

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    Maintaning the build of a Lambo replica

    Thought I'd keep a blog going on my website of living with the replica and the issues that I've had with mine. Mostly minor stuff for those reading the forum and wondering what the car may be like after the build.

    Someone wanted to know what was on my "to do" list, I finally listed all 40+ items!

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    Re: Maintaning the build of a Lambo replica

    Great site !
    Well done.

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    Thanks man.. we needed this!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LamboLUv View Post
    Thanks man.. we needed this!
    needed what? first you dug up a post from medieval times, and 2nd the link is not even live anymore. geez.

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    Zombie thread !!!!

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