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Thread: Mclaren F1

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    Mclaren F1

    Hey guys I guess I feel it is about time to have a build diary about my project. This will not very likely get updated extremely often since I am in no rush to finish my project; it is just my hobby to get out of the house for a few. Also since I glean as much information off this site as possible I feel I got pretty far along in the foam shaping and realized that the wheelbase was too short so I had to tear it apart and add some extra foam to bring it back up to size. I am finally back to where I was before my unfortunate discovery, but as a result I am taking more time to ensure that all other dimensions are as close to actual as I can get (without access to a real one to measure off of).

    The plans as of right now are to use the three seat layout as well as a BMW V12 coupled to the Porsche Cayman 6 speed gearbox. As I am building the body buck I am also designing the chassis using Autodesk Inventor.
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    Re: Mclaren F1

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    Re: Mclaren F1

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    Re: Mclaren F1

    taken today...
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    Re: Mclaren F1


    Top job so far, it looks really impressive. I always loved the lines of the F1.
    Keep up the good work.

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    Re: Mclaren F1

    You are my hero so far if you complete the build

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    Re: Mclaren F1

    Quote Originally Posted by VF1Skullangel
    You are my hero so far if you complete the build
    +1 ... OMG

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    Re: Mclaren F1

    I think this my be the 6th one I have seen with the same progress over the years. GET R DONE! ...hahah

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    Re: Mclaren F1


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    Re: Mclaren F1

    Thanks i said this is a long term project so don't give up on me if there is occasionally a lack of updates.

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