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Thread: Murci 1 hardtop BUILD

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    Murci 1 hardtop BUILD

    Hello, my name is Jeff, I'm new here to the forums. One of the guys here found my build progress on Facebook and suggested I jump on here. The main reason for posting progress on FB is that with my Android phone/camera, I can very quickly upload photos and edit them. Sometimes right while I'm next to the car working on it. I don't want to spend too much of my building time taking pictures, downloading, uploading, posting, editing, answering questions on the computer etc. It takes away from getting work done on the car! I do however, strongly believe in sharing with fellow builders ideas. It makes everyones build more successful!
    So, I will do what I can here, but there might be more info on my FB page. I don't know if that will work or not. Also, You have to be on my friends list to view all my pictures.

    I have been building this since December '09, so almost a year and a half. I took about 3 months off last year from working on it to get caught up with other things.

    The kit was purchased from Carkitinc and I have been very happy with the quality and the customer service they provide!

    For now, try to go to my FB page and view my build. In the mean time, someone tell me the easiest, fastest way to post on here with pictures. It seems you have to load to the computer from the phone or camera, then upload to a site like photobucket to get the IMG link to transfer it to a post here. Seems like a lot of time and effort. If there is an easier way, let me know.
    Like I said, with Facebook I can snap a pic., push one 'quick upload' button, add text and it's posted immediately. It has spoiled me for sure.


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    Re: Murci 1 hardtop build

    This site requires a donation to the host/Admin, Ari, to post pics directly.

    Your explanation for photo sharing is correct and that is what most folks do to get pics up here

    I haven't found an easier way so far.

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    Re: Murci 1 hardtop build

    Welcome to the Forum. I was the one who refered you to this site.

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    Re: Murci 1 hardtop build

    can't see the pics bro

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    Re: Murci 1 hardtop build

    nice build so far... great pics on your facebook page! keep up the good work...

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    Re: Murci 1 hardtop build

    Dec. 09 when we picked up the kit.
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    Re: Murci 1 hardtop build

    Home! And a little work done after a month.
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    Re: Murci 1 hardtop build

    3800 SC fully built, aftermarket cam, ported SC and TB, overdrive and underdrive pulleys, etc.
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    Re: Murci 1 hardtop build

    A shot of the rear frame to accept the GTP cradle and suspension.
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    Re: Murci 1 hardtop build

    Another view. Much more supports were added after this picture, just don't have pics. of it. And yes, I used the whole cradle, front suspension, axles, etc from a GTP. Very heavy duty stuff. The struts were modified to accept adj. coil overs.
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