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Thread: Another LP640 Roadster build

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    Another LP640 Roadster build

    Here is a link to a build diary on our site forum. It's an LP640 Roadster on a Toyota MR2 chassis.


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    Re: Another LP640 Roadster build

    Hello Mrcilgo,

    I see you posted here a link to your site. Thats great!

    I'm really enjoying your pics and diary of your build. Your site is great! Specifically dedicated to your build, and giving a chance for others, like me, to share theirs. I wanted to say, Thanks for bringing me to this site as well. Mad mechanics is Very informative with great people sharing their experience in this very trying skill/hobby.

    As you said to me once, "there's more than one place to buy a burger".

    I just recently joined here as MitchMurcy2, and I am sharing my build with this group as well. Thanks Friend.
    Keep dreaming if you want to, I'm building mine!

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