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Thread: 512TR BUILD Project

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    512TR BUILD Project

    Hey guys, wanted to post pics of my new project.

    I have been looking for a Good Replica project for some time, I was amazed when I found this car..
    I literally pulled it out of the weeds and the trees in the middle of nowhere...

    Fiero with a professional stretch,
    complete V6 drivetrain (That will change)
    complete factory interior,
    complete 512TR body kit with mirrors
    Body is just rough mounted..

    The car is very good quality, But things that need addressed are :
    Front Fender wheel wells need corrected ( they are not quite right and the wheel opening seems to be a little distorted.
    Rockers will need to be split and separated
    rear window opening needs to be corrected a little.
    Quarter windows will need work.
    and of course I will have to get involved in the windshield extension.. thats a Must.

    I will have to build all the grilles and side fins.

    I will be posting a build diary.. Im going to take my time and just enjoy the project.

    I dont know who the manufacturer of this is, any ideas?

    I would like to talk to someone about making some Moulds off this car just for replacement purposes that way if anything happens I can produce the replacement parts

    Pics when it first came out of hiding...

    Pics after getting power washed ..

    there will be many more pictures to come..

    My Website:
    My gallery:

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    Re: 512TR Project

    Welcome to the party Michael;

    I am not sure the manufacturer but you can call Thomas Squires up in Calgary Alberta, for any parts you may need as he has the old CK3 moulds and can produce parts for you if you need anything. This is definitely not a CK3 car as the rockers are not separated.

    Thomas' number is 1 403 615-2476.

    As for the screen, I will have the first run in a couple weeks to show everyone and Mario (Moran4x4) also has an excellent option.

    Cheers and good luck with the build and we are all looking forward to seeing pics.
    308 Ferrari replica
    Prova Countach 5000QV

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    Re: 512TR Project

    Welcome to the 512 TR world...

    I got one.....if you need info....Windshield, wide track suspension,engine........


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    Re: 512TR Project

    I'm in Houston and was eying the car as well. Good Buy!!!

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    Re: 512TR Project

    Looks like a good find....The body looks straight as hell!!! Goood Luck, Ill be checking in on this one

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    Re: 512TR Project

    Very cool I will watching this with great anticipation..Later Lukester

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    Re: 512TR Project

    Yes i saw it on an auction site for $1500. Good buy, just not my cup of tea

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    Re: 512TR Project

    when you get the molds made i could use a front air dam.


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    Re: 512TR Project

    hey there, Just wanted to post some progress.. I just had major back surgery so the cars been sitting in the shop, But my wife,Sister in law and Father in law decided to get it out and clean it up.

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