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Thread: G28L an ExotiCarParts BUILD

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    G28L an ExotiCarParts BUILD

    Hello all we are a shop in Denton, Texas. I had made an intro but it was deleted by the moderators.
    We are building a LP640 an 88' Fiero Formula auto with bad drive train

    Stripped rear of car and started Labeling harness

    Pulled motor and Replaced Cradle floating nuts in frame with Rodney Dickman repair kit

    Next I will be removing the fuel tank, Cleaning it, sealing it. and I will be installing an AC DELCO Corvette Fuel Pump Part# EP376

    The cradle is being powder coated as we speak and should be done tuesday.

    I am making my own custom Tubular wide-track suspension which will be powder coated as well

    New drivetrain on its way is a crate motor Series II SUPERCHARGED 3800

    More Pics coming soon!

    Anyone willing to donate parts or info would be great!

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    Re: G28L an ExotiCarParts Build

    Well I have dropped the Fuel tank today and it looks brand new inside! So I will be installing the new Corvette fuel pump as soon as it shows up in the mail.

    Also sold some of the body panels today for $160 and saying I only paid $450 for the car I only have $290 in it so far. ;D

    Im now making som custom stainless braided fuel lines.

    More to come!

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    Re: G28L an ExotiCarParts Build

    sweet. do u have the body yet? could u post some pics of it. i dont think you will get alot of people to donate parts lol. its hard enough to get them to sell you parts.

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    Re: G28L an ExotiCarParts Build

    Nope! I want to focus on the swap first, then suspension, then stretch and kit. Seems simple that way.
    I will be getting alot done as fast as usps can ship.

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    Re: G28L an ExotiCarParts Build

    Ok got the corvette fuel Pump installed. Putting the tank back was NOT fun. I reloomed the harness to the pump, Installed a WIX fuel filter and I am now making custom stainless steel braided fuel lines and have orderd everything for my custom suspension. To bad I cant do much until I gt my cradel back from powder coat Hopefully It will be here tomorrow

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    Re: G28L an ExotiCarParts Build

    Got the cradle today from powder coat! What do you think of the color? Im iffy about it but not gonna change it. Ordered my swap mounts from Whodeanie and waiting on parts from USPS

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    Re: G28L an ExotiCarParts Build

    Well today I knocked out 5 birds with one stone. I converted my trailing links to tubular. by doing so I gained wide track +3" in the rear.
    Better launch control with no wheel hop.
    Better adjust ability in camber.
    Correct holes
    Grade 8 Bolts instead of metric 10.9
    I had to convert to standard from metric to do so, which was great because fiero knuckles are known for oblong bolt holes causing slop in suspension. So boring out the holes corrected that.
    Going to send the knuckles off to powder coat.
    Pics later!

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    Re: G28L an ExotiCarParts BUILD

    Bought alot more parts today!
    Im Hate waiting on shipping, I remember when everything got to you in 3 days or less.

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    Re: G28L an ExotiCarParts BUILD

    I got a heavy package today!

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    Re: G28L an ExotiCarParts BUILD

    Nice !! guess you have your week cut out for you now !!

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