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Thread: kit car cosworth

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    kit car cosworth

    hey every 1
    im about to start my powehouse track car day / road legal car
    its going to be fully space framed and im going to run a cosworth yb tiwn turbo running about 700bhp il get some pics up soon when my gf gives my camera back

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    Re: kit car cosworth

    Looking forward to it! Good luck!

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    Re: kit car cosworth

    you will be a flying kitcar

    i like to see your picturs to

    this is my kitcar baby

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    Re: kit car cosworth

    just sent the cossy eninge to be sent away to race turned with tiwn turbo from burton power
    this weekend the building will begin on the space frame got all the metal cut just got the mega job of welding it all together

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    Re: kit car cosworth

    okay i cnt post a pic of my space frame with the eninge n box in the frame can any 1 tell me how to post a pic on here

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    Re: kit car cosworth

    add pics as follows:

    1. create an account on
    2. upload you pics to photobucket
    3. hover over your photobucket photo, when menu appears, drop down to "Direct Link" and click in the box, this will now be in your paste buffer
    4. reply to or create a new post, in here where you type, set the cursor where you want the photo, select the icon underneath the "italics" icon (its a photo in a square), this will enter img /img in square brackets into your post, set your cursor between the "][" and right click, then paste.

    This will paste the full link to your photobucket image into the post.

    save and then go read it again and the pic should be there!! simples!!


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    Re: kit car cosworth

    Quote Originally Posted by rvanderende
    you will be a flying kitcar

    i like to see your picturs to

    this is my kitcar baby

    That is freaking epic!!!!

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