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Thread: phils99 Extreme 430 build thread

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    phils99 Extreme 430 build thread

    hi guys!
    this is my very first (and hopefully not my last) replica car build.
    after much indecision between the 430 and the murcia i decide on the 430 for 3 reasons:

    1. its cheaper than the murcia
    2. its easier than the murcia, and
    3. its a more practical car, i.e. you can have 4 seats if you need them!

    So off I start!

    I hope to post up LOADS of pics for you all to see and I will start with my donor car.
    It's a Peugeot 406 3.0L V6 Coupe and is equipped withe following:
    electric memory seats - I'm hoping to keep
    Heated seats - I'm hoping to keep
    Electric door mirrors - I'm hoping to keep
    Rain sensing wipers - I'm hoping to keep
    Cruise control
    88K (miles) on the clock
    And generally in excellent condition
    MOT until July next year
    Tax for 6 months - cash this in when I start

    Here are my first pics for you guys, can't start cutting yet as I need to sell my current car, a BMW 330Ci vert seen here on ebay:

    to pay for this build!

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    Re: phils99 Extreme 430 build thread

    Cant wait to see the build! Congrats 8)

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    Re: phils99 Extreme 430 build thread

    just seen this on ebay you could have px'd your bimmer and got this, could extreme supply just the panels to change to a 430?
    it still seems like a bit of a bargain.

    regards pinin.

    p.s looking forward to the 430 on your pug, be nice to see how it all goes together, are you cutting and welding the back end up yourself?

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    Re: phils99 Extreme 430 build thread

    Thanks pinion, but I want to do a build myself, that's where all the fun (and pain) lay, so at the end of it, you have massive self satisfaction ( and a huge grin!)

    Yes I will be cutting and welding myself, not worried about the cutting part, but I have never welded before, so I aim to buy a mig welder and get practising on some scrap metal!!


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    Re: phils99 Extreme 430 build thread

    Hi Phil, with regard to the welder, don't buy anything new under 300, A stable voltage will give you a much better weld, it's a pity you're not close as I would gladly show you how to use a mig welder correctly and get a feel for the weld, practice does indeed help BUT you need to get penetration into the two metals, mig can look lovely but not actually bond the two surfaces together, I've even got a new regulator lying around doing nothing (ebay seller admin error).

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    Re: phils99 Extreme 430 build thread

    hey phil i have a spare 180amp snap on mig i never use
    pm me if ur interested

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    Re: phils99 Extreme 430 build thread

    dangerrous....i wish i did live near to you that would have been excellent!!

    To that end, does anyone live near Hull UK who could give me a short lesson in welding?

    Or even better, anyone near Hull UK building/completed an extreme replica of any kind that I could have a look at?
    ( not Extreme employees please, I would like to get an unbiased view!)


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    Re: phils99 Extreme 430 build thread

    where abouts are you based.
    im based near Hull. Im a builder and my company is Auto Transformations. we've just finished a 360 which you can see on the extreme forum,1900.0.html

    give us a call if you want a chat about the build and drop by if you live close. we're building a 430 at the moment

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    Re: phils99 Extreme 430 build thread

    And so it begins!!!

    I pick up my 430 kit on Friday from Extreme and so I have now started the 406 stripdown!

    here are some pics....

    To remove front bumper, you need to remove these plates from bothe sides..


    Now remove these securing bars from both sides, a nut at each end..

    Remove these 3 nuts from the front of the car...mine were rusty and very hard to get off!

    Bumper off!!

    Remove the headlights.....this nut was a pig, again..all rusty..

    Bumper, cross bar and headlights all off...

    Start on the wings, rmove the mud shields from the inner wings on both sides, this reveals 3 nuts that hold the wings on..

    unbolt and remove..very easy!!

    ..and the other side

    Front end stripped!!

    Start on the back..remove boot lid

    Remove rear inner wing mud guards

    Remove rear seats to allow removal of the boot carpeting...

    Remove rear lenses..

    Rear bumper off!!

    Still more to do, this took me 8.5 hours to get to this stage, that was doing things very steadily with no rushing.

    More to come when I get a "day 2" !!

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    Re: phils99 Extreme 430 build thread

    good work

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