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Thread: SS7 Project

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    SS7 Project

    Hello All

    I'm Michael from Poland
    I present my project, this is Saleen s7r (racing version). My dream car.
    I building this car from 2013r. Body built myself, on my homemade cnc
    Already almost finished body, soon welded frame.
    I have all parts, without engine (certainly v8 )


    front disc brake 360mm, 6-pot caliper
    rear disc brake 360mm, 6-pot caliper + 2-pot caliper hand brake
    pedal box

    tires slick/semislick 30/65/18

    custom wishbones
    custom hub

    Frame (s7r replica):
    tabular frame, steel cr-mo 4130

    Dash logger
    Sparco seats
    6 Point seatbels
    sparco steering wheel + adapter with buttons
    center console with fuses


    Engine v8
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    nice progress, looks really good.

    How long did it take you to carve the body and what are the details on the CNC machine??
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    Absolutely beautiful!
    The Needles Dance, The Gauges Glow,
    As Engine Speed & Heartbeat Grow,
    Gears They Shift 'Neath Anxious Thumbs,
    Formerly: Powerhouse

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    All elements less than four months

    Accuracy is good. I used Ball End Mill Cutter, diameter 6mm

    After milling remain grooves on the surface. Body must cover the primer or filler.
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    Looks great!! I have always liked the styling of that car. Where are you located? Any plans to offer this as a kit?

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    I live in poland. I will think about kit

    PS sorry for my english

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    Man, that's awesome! What CAD software did you use?

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    Hi! I use rhinoceros and Mastercam(CAM), sometimes Lightwave.
    for mechanical components I use solidedge.

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    Hi from Czech :-)

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    Great work!
    I'm using Rhino3D too, but freemill to make my G-code.
    But i'v a small CNC DIY compare to yours
    Good idea to use polystyrene as material added with aluminium paper, less expensive than PU foam ( here in France , you need around 1500€ to make in PU a whole car with interior)
    you used a resin compatible with polystyrene then, just to the rear cover?
    You use a second method after in order to obtain a good finish? Like some Clay or finish coat ( the red stuff) to cover the polystyrene, isn't it?

    I would like to have finish this step like you too
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