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Thread: steel framed mercy seats

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    steel framed mercy seats

    sorry all i been gone awhile, but while i was away i got alot done. i am going to finish up new chassis design in the next few days. i have all the pics of it on my facebook ill post a link. i have also been building steel framed mercy seats. as you all might remember i had stated that i got my hands on an oe set of frames i jigged them up and made templetes of all the sheet metal. they will be an exact match minus the recliner mech. after tons of seaching and phone call i found a source that did not want me to buy a 1000 of them. they look great and work the same as the lambo seat. to protect my investment i will not disclose who they come from and who the manufacture is of the recliners. sorry all but i need to sell a few sets to make my money back. they are a huge difference in the cars i have a picture aof a guy sitting in a set who is 6'2" and still has 3 to 4 inches of head room with a diablo body add another inch for the mercy body. a normal seat like everyone has used to this point would of had his head touching the roof.. anyways i hope you all enjoy. and please text or call me if you are interested in a set.. thanks


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    hmmm? typing now to get my 10 letter minimum.

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    I might be intersted in a set of these. I have an Idea.

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