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Thread: my first Mercy, be gentle.........

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    my first Mercy, be gentle.........

    My very first kit car, but not my first project. I have built a few customs, including a body dropped s10, body dropped hardbody, a 12 sec DSM, and a fully shaved and bagged alero, all under my belt.

    My kit from CKI will be done in about a week, and I picked up my fiero on monday and started chopping. Haven't stretched it yet, but I got it completely gutted, and inspected the motor and tranny. Motor won't turn over for some reason. Guess ill swap it out.
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    oh....i almost forgot.....

    I got the motor pulled today, after a long battle with the engine hoist.

    Mine crapped out, so I brought my other hoist home from work. It got the job done.
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    Glad you got it out! That's backwards from the normal removal. Normally you raise the car and drop the engine and cradle out the bottom. Whatever works though!

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    I see a lot of people doing it that way, but after i pulled all the accessories off, there was plenty of room.

    Im trying to decide what I want to do with the engine. I read the 3800SC will bolt up to the tranny just fine, and all i need is a wire harness and a pcm. Is that the case?

    Im rewiring everything inside the car (headlights, radio, ect), to be the way i want, but I'm unsure about the 3800 wire harness.

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    I would get a transmission/engine assembly if I could. A lot of the engineering has been done for you that way. You don't have to buy any adapters and they are designed to work together.

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    There is lots of info out there on Fiero motor swamps. The 3800 is one of the most common for the Fiero. Wire harness isn't very difficult to get the motor to run. The hardest part is getting the gauges working again properly and accurately. You may be able to find a plug and play kit from one of the Fiero places on the net.

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    I love the crane!!! But you really did it all wrong. I would've gotten a backhoe and dug a hole underneath the car and lowered the engine cradle into the trench. Glad to see another Murci build! I'm about 40% into my Murci build as well, and I ended up swapping in a 1999 Grand Prix GTP 3800SC motor and trans. I just drove it around the block for the first time about 2 weeks ago and it SCREAMS being in such a light little Fiero frame. Macgyver's right though, the gauges are a little tricky, but I think i've got everything working, still playing with the fuel gauge, but I have everything else working. Now I'm building all of my mounting points for the body to the frame. Good luck with your build this is a great forum for everything you need. Just start going through the old Build Diaries and you'll find just about anything you need.

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    Im really unsure about what to do with the engine. I want to do a 3800sc swap, but the wiring has me really paranoid.

    I could care less about gauges, I'm putting in all auto meter gauges, I'm scrapping the A/C, and the cruise control. Im wiring everything in the cabin myself. Im wiring in all my own ignition wire, radio, lights, ect.

    If i swap the 3800sc into the fiero, it does bolt directly to the 5spd, right?

    I really just need to know how to wire to get the thing to start and run. Is it possible just to wire in a 3800sc computer JUST to run the engine? Like only hook up a power, ground and ignition into the harness? And not have to tie it into the stock fiero gauges, and body control functions like windows, radio, wipers, ect.

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    If you're worried about the wiring, I'd just find someone here or on Pennock's that will do it. I got a recommendation a few years ago for a member called PBJ or PB&J on Pennock's - I met a guy at a car show who he'd done the harness for - cost him $350. I'm sure there are other guys that would do it for you. You'll need to ship them your stock Fiero harness tho, so don't trash it just yet!

    That said, you could probably do what you're talking about, especially if you use the donor's car's guages -you might need to do something with the fuel pump tho, and it would be good if you'd get the exhaust manifolds with the engine so you can have the O2 sensor in the right place. Maybe that's not such a big deal tho.

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    hope that engine wasn't too big of a load on that hoist

    I love inginuity

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