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Thread: c430 build diary based on celica from src kit cars

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    c430 build diary based on celica from src kit cars

    You can also follow my build @

    This is my build diary for c430 based on Toyota Celica 190

    Xisco has sent me a pic of progress so far which I have attatched!

    Can't wait to get the kit so I can get started on my build

    I will be fitting my coilover suspension this week & will upload pics when done
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    gonna follow this one!

    I am also doing a 430 on a peugeot.. will start my thread here soon also!



    PS: If you need any cool parts like logo badges etc.. I can help you out with that . PM me when you are interested..
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    This should be interesting.
    I hope you are not going to cut the panels for shipping. I would advise against it.
    Where are you located at?

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    Hi Dman1409 will look forward to seeing your build progress , my kit should be ready for shipping mid November , so far Xisco from SRC has been very helpful

    Hi Macgyver, yeah decided against having the panels cut :-/
    I am based in Manchester UK

    thanks for everyone's help & advice so far

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    Most kits have crappy indicator lights.. I made exact replicas where you can fit any color of lens in...if you need any ..i sell them cheap ..

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    Suspension all done

    I have now fitted my BC Racing fully adjustable coilovers!
    Have included some pics, have left as they came height wise, and will adjust once kit has been fitted!

    Can anyone tell me what the oem ride height should be for a F430?

    Can anyone give me any ideas for my interior? is there a dash kit I can install on top of the celica dash?
    Have managed to get hold of 3 oem 430 dash vents, however they are quite a bit larger than the standard celica ones!

    Any advice greatly appreciated

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    Isn't a dash available from SRC

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    Yes they do have, but just seeing if any other options available

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    Put the body on the car and THEN adjust your ride height accordingly in correlation to your wheel/tire to fender gap.

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    Here is the latest pics of my Kit being made, thanks to Xisco for the update, looks like it's coming along nicely :-)

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