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Thread: HOW-TO...Vaydor bodykit install thread

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    Is this the chassis of the original plug or a new one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ninamashr View Post
    Is this the chassis of the original plug or a new one?
    No, that thing is still sitting in the corner of the shop---haha
    VAYDOR---G35 based exotic kit car

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    Will you have templates to take the guess work out of where to cut the sheet metal and what sequence works best?

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    Hey Matt, Your Vaydor supercar looks fantastic ! I am not well versed on the infinity donor cars and I am wondering if your car can be made on the g37 coupe . I found a g37 coupe with slight damage to it on ebay and I wonder if that car might work, it has a of up grades and is listed as having 348 hp. Sounds like a great donor if it will work.

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    I just picked up the donor G35. I'm excited about this build. Selling my Mr2... as soon as it's sells. ready! !!

    In the mean time im getting all of the necessary auxiliary parts

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    Name:  039.jpg
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Size:  89.9 KBFINALLY!! got the first of the cages. Name:  040.jpg
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    VAYDOR---G35 based exotic kit car

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    Name:  041.jpg
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Size:  90.9 KBName:  042.jpg
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Size:  92.7 KBName:  043.jpg
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Size:  91.6 KBName:  044.jpg
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Size:  92.1 KBName:  045.jpg
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    VAYDOR---G35 based exotic kit car

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    Name:  046.jpg
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Size:  90.9 KBName:  047.jpg
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Size:  92.4 KBThese are all the cage weld points.
    VAYDOR---G35 based exotic kit car

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    Name:  048.jpg
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Size:  87.0 KBThis is the 5"by3/16" plate for the "lambo" hinge.Name:  050.jpg
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Size:  89.6 KBWe use 5/16 counter sunk allen head 1" long to mount the hinge.
    VAYDOR---G35 based exotic kit car

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    Yes you can use a g37 chassis but you will need to find a few of parts from the g35 to fit this body.
    Parts list: Door glass, roofrail rubber, tail lights, gauge cluster, window regulator, and im sure some more but that's all I can see at this point.
    VAYDOR---G35 based exotic kit car

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