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Thread: fiero / testarossa / audi

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    fiero / testarossa / audi

    the car i am building is a 88 fiero with a testarossa rear section and powered by a 4.2 Audi abz V8 that has been supercharged

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    Different. Some sick wheels might pull it all together.

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    Welcome !! That motor is fantastic !! And it sounds amazing in your YouTube video !!

    I found your pennocks thread

    Awesome work ! I do like your idea of using the fiero fast back

    That rounded fastback roof and quarter window shape would look better with the rounded front end elements , it would look more like a Ferrari 348 inspired kit

    I think some people may not care for the current roofline on your body kit
    , but this is your project and if you love it that's all that matters ! Can't wait to see more pics , this is a rare and unique Build
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    Hey there, welcome to MM, EM...

    Bob custom '84 Fiero SE --->>> custom F408

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    thanks guys and it has been fun building this car and could have done some different thing but it will be a awesome looking car in the end with the performance to back it up . this car is unstretched so it is stock wheel base i do plan on power steering by using a electric power steering pump from a Volvo the cars finish will be chrome red vinyl not paint with some satin black areas i am sure that it wont be perfect as i am not a body man or a vinyl wrap pro . my goal is to have it on the road next summer and i still really have a long way to go

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    Welcome from New York, an abz 4.2 comes from an Audi S8 I'm guessing? Very cool combo. The Audi longitudinal set up is hard to beat, the work is already done for you. No tranny adapters, special flywheels etc. I'm goin down the same road with the 512TR build with a recently acquired Boxster 5-speed. What are you planning for the harness and ECU ? Megasquirt or maybe modified OEM? We want details ! anyway a big welcome and glad you're here. -Vinny
    Remember, there is always next year.

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    Hi i built a harness and used a megasquirt 2 and it works just fine it is a wasted spark and batch fire on the injectors the engine is from a 98 A8 and it has a eaton M122 supercharger from a 2010 Shelby 500 GT on it i am trying to boost to 12 pounds and the trans is a 012 5 speed and that is the same thing found in Boxsters to see the full build of this car go to

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    well i have been trying to wrap curves and corners as these are the hard parts doing flat areas are pretty easy you just need to make sure they are clean but compound curves that is a whole different animal and the chrome vinyl is not as stretchable as plane colored vinyl they say
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    i am getting better at doing corners i am learning how much heat and how far i can stretch the Chrome vinyl
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    That looks like fun and takes me back to wrapping the compound curves on my car.
    I bought good quality wrap but that didn't stop me from stretching the carbon fiber print too much a few times.
    I'm interested in your engine swap.
    I've seen it done a couple of times in early lotus Esprits and it's always seemed to be a real PITA to get the electrics working.
    Are you using anything under the wrap to help it float?
    Are you using a felt squeegee to pull it down?
    At one point, I had the hood of my car at my feet - pulling for all I was worth (not much) and swearing at it to go down without any ridges on it. I feel your pain!
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