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Thread: Tube Chassis Build

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    Tube Chassis Build

    The image above is my tube chassis. I will be using my mid-engine subframe - VW powered.

    The front suspension is a Held Motorsports Sport Front Suspension.

    Anyway, I just wanted to share a photo of the build since I've had so much help with information on this board...
    more to follow!

    The car will be 105" wheelbase - 53" wide - rather large for a "sportscar" of this kind... but I'm tired of the cramped confines of other sports cars. I built this so two 200+ lb guys can actually get in and out of it - as well as be comfortable driving.
    ... and yes, my plan is to build these frames for others to build their own cars... I will offer a beam axle front option as well as an IFS Other options will be water-cooled engines from FWD, transverse engine cars... and ultimately small block V8 power. And since I have Fieros to utilize, I am considering a single-donor style frame that utilizes the fiero drivetrain, front and rear suspension, etc..
    Like many things, time and market demand will dictate the final configuration.

    looking for comments / critque / etc.

    email me if you'd like to see more.

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    Re: Tube Chassis Build

    Looks great!

    A bit like the Nick Smart designed Ariel Atom.

    I looked to see how much those were over here and think that the $75k for the top of the range one is a bit over excessive!

    Having built a Westfield SE (Lotus 7 replica) in the past, I've considered doing something like this from scratch myself at some point in the future.

    Looking at Ariels waiting list, I think you could be on to a real winner!

    Keep posting the pics. It will be good to see how this progresses!

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    Re: Tube Chassis Build

    Looks great, and I think it will be the home built version of the Ariel, which I think is far more appealing as a concept anyway (or shell out 40 to 60k for a car that isn't too useful outside of a track).
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    Re: Tube Chassis Build

    very nice looking, what crossmember is that from in the front?

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    Re: Tube Chassis Build

    front crossmember is out of a Fiero... I had an extra one along with a Held Motorsports wide track, so it was easy.

    I'm not sure if I'll integrate a purpose-built front suspension into the design or rely on factory units... time will tell.

    I have had a great deal of positive feedback from the Custom VW crowd, so I will likely build a VW front beam axle option too.

    My goal ( besides getting this one on the road ) is to offer frames that allow for single donor builds... like a Fiero, VW, etc...
    This would allow someone with a running Fiero to install the complete front suspension crossmember, rear cradle / suspension and steering column. This will result in ( hopefully ) a quickly assembled rolling chassis.

    that's the plan anyway... feel free to express your thoughts.
    Cocoa Beach FL

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    Re: Tube Chassis Build

    I'm curious as to what body style you are going to use for your chassis?

    I am considering building my own car as well, but I need to do a ton of research...I need to start with the chassis. I to make the build easier.

    Good luck,

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    Re: Tube Chassis Build

    I have been away for awhile, but I have been working on the car. Here is a link to some photos - they are about a month behind... Since then I have installed most of the wiring harness and mounted the transaxle.

    I think I have reconsidered my engine choice... now I'm looking into a turbo rotary engine... high-revs and light weight. You can also get 200+ hp pretty easily... and up to 50 with a little porting and add-ons. In a 1200 pound car, this should be plenty.

    As far as a body for the car... I want to keep things as minimal as possible. The front will likely be covered and I will probably add removable triangular panels along the side.

    This is not a car for the daily driver market - rather a four wheeled motorcyle... kinda like a go-cart for grownups.

    Cocoa Beach FL

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    Re: Tube Chassis Build

    Nice project Mr Held.. Its neat to see you back at the forum with a new project.. Is this something you plan on going into production with if there is a lot of interest? I want mine with a Neon SRT-4 turbo engine in the back ;D That would blow the Atom off the road..

    I have had many rotary engines and you can get a lot of power out of them. I actually have one of my old 1979 Rx7 12a rotary engines sitting in my garage right now. The rotary would be a neat engine in a light car such as this, but they are a bit expensive to fix and modify.

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    Re: Tube Chassis Build

    Nice project! Can you share the model # of the front shocks you used? Springs and rate too.

    There are a few of us that have the Held front tubular and would like something other than Carerra shocks.


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    Re: Tube Chassis Build

    Dave what is the width of the Held Motorsports wide track hub to hub? thanks Luke

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