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Thread: AMX/3 Reproductions by Sciabola Inc

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    AMX/3 Reproductions by Sciabola Inc

    The script

    Tom: Hello everyone, my name is Tom Dulaney, I am from San Diego and I have never built a kit car before.
    Everyone: Hello Tom.
    Tom: I am an AMC hobbyist who has enjoyed restoring and racing AMX's and Javelins for the last 20 years. For the first time a Kit Car company called Sciabola Inc will reproduce the mid-engine AMX/3.
    Everyone: The what?
    Tom: AMX/3, AMC designed a mid-engine supercar in 1970, before the Pantera, AMC had 5 made in Italy with Giotto Bizzarrini, but then AMC decided, for a variety of reasons, to cancel the program. Bizzarrini finished one more from parts and called it "Sciabola", which is Italian for "sword". I found the original fiberglass prototype, non-running "pushmobile" that was made at the AMC Design Center in Detroit for the 1970 Chicago auto show, before the Italians got involved. I have splashed a mold and started a company called "Sciabola Inc" with investors. I had a great time at the Knott's Berry Farm show a few weeks ago, lots of nice folks in the hobby, reminds me of the AMC people I have become so fond of over the years.

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    Re: AMX/3 Reproductions by Sciabola Inc

    Nice body lines

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    Re: AMX/3 Reproductions by Sciabola Inc

    I always like the AMX/3. I see a shell but have you worked out the jams, door shells, and the like? Or are you just selling the outer skins?

    Thanks, Bart

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    Re: AMX/3 Reproductions by Sciabola Inc

    I spent more time looking at this car over the Lambos this year. I feel that there is an amazing amount of potential in this body. I really hope that production continues until completion.

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    AMX/3 Reproductions by Sciabola Inc

    Thanks Guys, I am in love with this body design, it's the best thing AMC ever did. I have nothing to sell to the public now. The 4 reproduction bodies I made are all spoken for. One went to a collector friend of mine in Europe to be used as a non running display in his collection. The other 3 are for this new company to use as we develop the chassis than the inner structures for hinges, door handles etc. I know it will take some time and I am new to the Kit Car scene. But on the strong side, the AMC community is very supportive of this project. This car is to us, what the GT40 is to the Ford guys. Dave Ward will be building our first chassis this summer using Corvette C4 (1984-1997) suspension, steering and brakes. Then we will need help making the inner fiberglass structures so we can use AMC inner and outer door handles and things like that. There is a man in the AMC hobby who has offered to help us develop the plugs for the inner structures, but he is in Florida and I would like to keep the project closer to home, I am in San Diego CA.
    Steve Stanford drew this AMX/3 concept for Kit Car magazine in July 2005.

    Hopefully in a year or two we will have something to offer the public.

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    Re: AMX/3 Reproductions by Sciabola Inc

    Love the concept drawing,, hope all works out in your venture.

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    Re: AMX/3 Reproductions by Sciabola Inc

    very good looking, no lambo doors please, take a leaf out of snakebites book, base your doors on a production car (latest gen mustang/vette?) and get the benefit of cheap parts/glass, and a proven hardware system. doing doors from scratch is a pain in the neck.

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    AMX/3 Reproductions by Sciabola Inc

    Thanks, this is what I expect it will look like when completed.

    You make a good point, I can see that there are many issues with getting the doors finished properly. Production car hinges would be fine, AMC door handles are a must for us AMC'ers, inside and out. For the first car, we will probably put in some Lexan just to move things along quickly. One of the biggest issues is glass all the way around, it will have to be made to keep the look. The designer of this car, the late Richard Teague, VP of Styling for American Motors, was quoted in an article years ago saying he would like Lamo tilt up door on the AMX/3, if he could continue the project. It's a personal preference, I am happy either way.

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    Re: AMX/3 Reproductions by Sciabola Inc

    Wow! That would be a keeper.

    Would Pantera Glass work for the windscreen and doors? Mid engine like a Pantera as well only with AMC power?
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    Re: AMX/3 Reproductions by Sciabola Inc

    The Pantera has different glass. The AMX/3 is longer, wider and has a more powerful engine than the Pantera. One of the main reasons AMC canceled the program after only 5 cars, was that the Pantera appeared in 1971 and was a lot less money. The AMX/3 was a far superior car, dual coil overs on each side of the rear as well as dual calipers on each rear rotor, dual glass between the passenger compartment and the engine compartment. I could go on, there was once a race on the windy country roads of Michigan between an AMX/3 driven by the designers son and a Pantera owner who thought he was top dog. Afterwards everyone agreed the AMX/3 had far superior acceleration, handling and braking. But in those days it was hard to convince the public to spend the extra money when the Paneta was so cheep, literally.

    Black Ops
    Yes, thatís me, thanks for posting the pictures. I am also completely in love with this design, I want it to have my baby. As you can see each of the 5 steel cars made in Italy by Bizzarrini were unique, they were still trying to finalize the design. Then the sixth car, completed later in Italy, was very different, longer with round tail lights and leather interior. The last three pictures you posted are of the AMX/2 design which never made it past the display "pushmobile" stage.

    P.S. After a few are made with the AMC V-8's, then maybe we can use some of this new lightweight battery technology to make an electric version. I am told the Italians have some great batteries now.

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