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Thread: beamer daves extreme 360 build

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    beamer daves extreme 360 build

    hi everyone im dave i am doing a extream 360 kit i started it back in march 2008 i have got as far as all the cutting is done down drivers side. only have small garage got to do 1 side at a time. most of the welding is done rear frame in roof cut and welded . i have the drivers door bonded on and the rupt of the kit dry fitted will up load some pics when i find out how .

    the last thing i have done on the car is fitted lowering spring to drivers side this is a hard job a lot harder than it sounds
    one thing i am not sure about is the head lights in the kit the passenger side one seams to be different to the drivers it cerves in more and the drivers is more flat can eny one help on this or shell i ask extream

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    Re: exteam 360 kit

    sorry for bad qualty only got phone cam for now
    and garage dark and small

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    Re: beamer daves exteam 360 kit

    o i smashed the window screen when trying to take it out oops

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    Re: beamer daves exteam 360 kit

    kit on very loose only 2 weeks after buying kit nothing welded yet frame just plased in most of majer cutting done (rear end and roof )

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    Re: beamer daves exteam 360 kit

    few more pics

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    Re: beamer daves exteam 360 build

    that looks very good..keep up the good work.and the most important thing is the pic....we need lot and lt of pic specially for the first steps of the build...and is there any difficulties in the kit?

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    Re: beamer daves exteam 360 build

    thanx for the responces only problem i have had so far is when the girlfriend smashed the back window the dam thing is earthed to the fuel pump or somthing and it took ages to find it out a quick call to extream solved the problem
    oh and the pug electric seats are realy hard to remove took me ages to do .
    the hardist part yet is the impact bar in the doors it is welded up the far end and you cant get to it and cut your fingers .

    I have very basic mechanical skills and so far i have found the car to be very easy to do so far even the girlfriend is helping
    the roof was the thing i was worid about doing but i just followed the dvd and it was easyer than striping the seats out !

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    Re: beamer daves exteam 360 build

    going to get a cam form argos tomorrow just a cheep 1 as i spend nealy all buget on kit and doner car i have a week off work next week so should have plenty of pics then mite get the gf to take a video of somthing ;D
    hopefully mine will look like this for next summer

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    Re: beamer daves exteam 360 build

    what does every one think of the alloys im thinking of somthing like this if i cant find cheep reps of the 360 ones

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    Re: beamer daves exteam 360 build

    nice alloys

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