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Thread: UK DB9 on EBAY

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    UK DB9 on EBAY

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    Re: UK DB9 on EBAY

    We were talking about this a couple of weeks ago.

    I believe that this is from Dave Jones, but (as far as anyone knows) Aston Martin shut the project down so this car was the only one to be produced. He's still working with the same platform and has modified the kit enough to appease AM (it still looks great, just different) but there will never be another one like the one on eBay right now.

    Whether it's any good or not in the flesh, I've no idea but it does look good in the pictures.

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    Re: UK DB9 on EBAY

    Quote Originally Posted by ReplicaLover
    That is one beautiful car!

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    Re: UK DB9 on EBAY

    what was it going for?<br /><br />The Lazy Way To Learn

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    Re: UK DB9 on EBAY

    If it was the DJ Aston, I saw it in the flesh before AM killed the production off. It was an okay replica, he said there was still some fine tuning to do on the kit before making it publicly available.

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    Re: UK DB9 on EBAY

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