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Thread: LamboJayso's LP640

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    LamboJayso's LP640

    I feel it's finally time to share my car with the kit car community and my knowledge gained through building my car. My car is currently up for sale on ebay but to be honest with you I could care less if it actually sells because I'm having too much fun driving it and networking with people. I also do builds for anyone interested in going that route. For more information on getting one built, you can PM me here. I started my build in February of this year and I just finished the outside of the car last week.

    Now, to address Mr. Mike Chase a.k.a. Murcie-Me a.k.a. Murcie-Mike:
    - First off, I just want to say from the pictures I've seen of your car, it looks good but I was disappointed to see you had nothing but negative things to say about my car considering all of the positives it has. No problem, I'll mention them since you didn't.

    - It's definitely not an Extreme body but yes infact a IE body. All of the "G28 spoiler problems" are infact incorrect compared to OEM but now let's not forget this is a replica which also cost a fraction of the OEM prices. Now, unless you're a master with the fiberglass, I wouldn't recommend anyone alter the G28 body and all of its incorrectness. Only owners of the real thing would probably notice the slightly incorrect areas such as the exhaust hole opening, recess below the license plate, the two little triangular grills aren't deep enough, and etc..

    - As far as the doors, they line up pretty well if you see it in person considering the amount of work one has to go through lining them up to the body and make it look good in the end.

    - The $80 B&M missing oil cooler that you can get on ebay wasn't a concern of my mine during the build and still isn't. That can be added anytime with no problems.

    - All of the interior pieces are from IE as well. Now you're right to a certain extent when you say the door cards don't line up. That's because they have to be shortened and it doesn't interfere with the G28 dash on either side.

    - I chose to go with custom wheels because I prefer deep dish over the old boring OEM wheels. As far as costs go, I actually paid more for my rims/tires than I would have for the OEM wheels.

    - I disagree with the comment the interior is far more work than the exterior. Dismantling the fiero, stretching/reframing it, body reinforcements, mounting wheel-well liners, hinging the hood, rear decklid, rear trunk, aligning the door skins, haggling with sellers, finding a Glass shop to cut the rear decklid glass, functioning batwings, rear spoiler, power windows, tons of body work/sanding, and paint ALL takes time and patience.

    Now for the positives:
    - Functioning everthing (batwings, rear spoiler, windows, windshield wiper etc), blue roadster on ebay like you said "nothing works."

    - REAL tail lights that are $2500 plus tax for the pair, blue roadster on ebay fake tail lights for $200

    - LP640 style glass in the rear decklid, from the last pictures I saw of your car Mike, it didn't have the LP640 style glass in the rear decklid. Hell, it didn't even have glass but then again like you said we haven't seen your car in 2 years. Hopefully by now, you would have corrected that.

    Enjoy the pics:

    To all the builders texting me on "how to's," I'll do separate posts showing how I did everything.
    Easy does it.

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    Re: LamboJayso's LP640

    The car looks great, no kit is accurate IMO.
    Even on the well done kits there are still things that don't go... sometimes the game is taking too far on little things are nit-picked instead of looking @ the over-all build and what the builder had to do to get there.

    Please fellas show some love when it's do and stop always bickering over the what not's. We all come here to build and enjoy the hobby.

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    Re: LamboJayso's LP640

    Wow, beautiful car. Pretty amazing you built it in only 7 months! I agree - I like the deep dish wheels a lot better than OEM. Thanks for sharing.

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    Re: LamboJayso's LP640

    You got it Rodriquez, this is a hobby and a dream for most of us. And also we should all NOT care what others think of our build if we are happy with it ourselves. Good Job LamboJayso! Finish the interior and i bet you keep it instead of sell it.

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    Re: LamboJayso's LP640

    Wow, the cars looking good, i think this is the car that your friend was talking about on the phone when he was inquiring about mine for sale a few months back, but congrats on the car it looks imaculate!

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    Re: LamboJayso's LP640

    Lambojay thats good work you got there.

    Please I would advise you as I did to the other dude in the other thread to tag your photo. There's scammers who love unmodified photos and will download them and before you know it your car will be showing up on one of their sites. Not trying to be a D-bag or anything but please protect your hard work.

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    Re: LamboJayso's LP640

    Jay, the car really looks terrific. There is nothing like driving an exotic so like you said, sweat what you can, but get it built and drive it!

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    Re: LamboJayso's LP640


    Great post in response to the many negative nancys on this board from the other post.....when I'm done w/ my build I don't even think I'll share it on this board b/c everytime someone posts a finished build it's always someone dissecting it down to a T trying to find something "Innaccurate" instead of complimenting someone on an amazing accomplishment. I think your build looks great!!

    On another note....did you ever get those eyebrow pieces??? Are they the ones you used on your car??

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    Re: LamboJayso's LP640

    Wow, That is Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Good work, and that build time is some sort of record, way to inspire me to get back to work. Thanks for sharing.

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    Re: LamboJayso's LP640

    I would hope the reference to the "negative nancys" is not directed because someone asked what body the car was?
    and we in turn identified what body it must be due to our personal knowledge of Kit Bodies...

    It would be sad that you want to be on this forum but when it comes time to post your build you will move to another forum for fear of constructive criticism.
    we all wear the big boy pants here, good or bad, the world has 6.3 billion potentials, not all are going to kiss up and tell you what you want to hear.
    this is reality. hard and true. we are all building something, we are all going to take significant harassment one way or another intentional or not.
    lambojayso has made his post and opened up to the community, i am certain he was aware of potential flames.

    have faith. Peace

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