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Thread: Extreme Murcie on

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    Extreme Murcie on

    Not mine (unfortunately) Lamborghini Murcielago Extreme replica kit car unfinished project | eBay

    Could make someone a sweet motor, looks like a lot of the hard work has been done.

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    With all the demand in the states for an "accurate Murci", someone should buy this, bring it to the USA and pull molds from it so we have an accurate body kit over here. I imagine that with some effort that a roadster body could be made from this also so buyers would have a choice.

    I'll personally stick with my G28L and be content and I think my next car will be a Zonda or Aventador project built to "track spec's" but for the road.


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    If i had the cash i would be on it, depending on how the frame looks. The body and outside look very good.

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    I thought the States had a great replica from J Watson? The extreme kit is a lot of work due to various issues with it, all workable, just labour intensive.

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