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Thread: Tribute gt (bently replica) on ebay

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    Tribute gt (bently replica) on ebay

    Toyota Supra - KIT CAR, REPLICA, Modified, Body kit, Project, custom, one off | eBay

    Just spotted this, i had wondered what happened to this, it looked really promising
    Seems VAG got the hump and stopped him doing it properly! it does not look like it would take too much to get it back too where it was... And its going bloody cheap at the moment.

    Oh if i only had some spare cash lol

    I think it deserves a good home, what do you guys think?
    P.s the car is nothing to do with me, i just spend too much time on ebay dreaming

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    Yip GT pulled the plug on this guy he should of kept it quite

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    Needs to go back to it's original look, in white

    the modifications ruin it

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    The white one looks really nice, not so sure of the black primer one.

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