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Thread: Yellow Ferrari 355 Berlinetta - Video - 3 day auction

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    Yellow Ferrari 355 Berlinetta - Video - 3 day auction

    Yellow on black F355 Berlinetta replica - This is the perfect combination of beauty, styling and reliability.
    * Complete replica Berlinetta interior. Black leather with piped stitching just like the real thing. Chrome shifter knob
    * Manual transmission
    * $3,000 exhaust that really gets attention.
    * Logos and Ferrari Crests in the head rests.
    * Automatic door opening mechanism and shaved handles.
    * Updated engine manifold cover with proper Ferrari label.
    * All correct exterior badges.
    * Powder coated wheels with proper logo center caps.
    * 7" DVD player

    I recently redid the gauges in carbon fiber, and now the speedometer and temp gauges do not work. Flip up headlights are not hooked up, A/C does not work, and car idles at 1500 rpm. Aside from those listed items, the car is 100% complete and will turn heads everywhere. This kit is unlike 99% of the kits out there. It is complete and well put together. This replica comes from an accident free V-6 Fiero with 65,000 miles and a clean carfax. The car handles great. The tires are great. The paint is great. The interior is great. It is an all-around awesome car. It starts up perfectly every time. It has never acted up on me. I have owned several 996 Porsches, and this car gets more attention than all of them combined. I recently drove it on a 9.5 hour trip with no problems or concerns. I was asked by 6 people at the gas stations if they could take their picture in front of it. That never happened in the Porsches. I had one guy chase after me down the street on 3 separate occasions when I drove by his house until I finally stopped one day to talk to him. You will truly love this car and all the fun it brings. I am starting a new business, and it makes more sense for me to sell rather than try to hold onto it at this time. To build this car will cost you AT LEAST $25,000 - $30,000. I know this because I almost went that route. You are getting a steal, and you get to drive it all summer and enjoy the attention it brings. Call with any questions. 419-604-7540

    I have owned a LOT of sports cars. See my other videos on my YouTube account:
    Passing on Highway: Ferrari F355 Berlinetta Replica passing vehicle on highway - YouTube
    Overview: Ferrari 355 Berlinetta (Rep) - YouTube
    Interior and Engine Rev: Ferrari F355 Berlinetta Replica Interior - YouTube
    Front End: Ferrari F355 Berlinetta Replica - YouTube
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