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Thread: $8,000 Ferrari 355 Berlinetta Replica!

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    No Reserve! Ferrari 355 Berlinetta Replica

    I am listing my Ferrari 355 Berlinetta replica on Ebay. It is yelow and black with black wheels. IT HAS A MANUAL TRANSMISSION. I have had the car about a year. It has been a lot of fun. It's time for a new owner to play with it now. Call me if you have any questions. I would think this would bring $12-$14. I just lowered the starting price to 0.01 The ad should about explain everything. 419-604-7540

    Replica/Kit Makes : F355 Berlinetta in Replica/Kit Makes | eBay Motors
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    Car did not sell. I am sorry, but I cannot sell if for less than $11K.

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    11k Seems a fair price

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    Why did you advertise $8000 in the title if you won't take less than $11000?

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    Give the guy a break! Anyone here who has built one knows that he's losing a bunch at that price.

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