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    Murci Roadster

    Hello Everyone, this is my first post and I would like to Thank Everybody for their helpful hints over the years....I am getting married this summer and I am thinking about selling my kit or trading for a simpler kit (Ferrari, Alidno, or bolt on kit) to simplify my life and budget a little...Let me know if any body is interested in a trade...I am located in sw Minnesota....

    What I have is a G24 roadster made by TriangleG (same as a murci 1 by CKI).. I converted it to a G28 roadster (froms robslp640) so that things are more accurate and you can use the 96 nissan maximas windshield with out cutting it. It is based on a 1986 fiero that was a auto with NO AC. Their is no motor or Trans. It has been stretched to the proper length....most of the bracing has been done to the car and is very solid. I have put new coilovers on back, alum cradle bushings, poly bushings, big brake booster on it already...I have for the kit the windshield (96 nissan maxima), side windows, head light covers, (made from lexon from Mark Clapp) hood & trunk hinges, door latches, and door hinges (made from robslp640).....I also have an additional front nose cover for it....It has no interior or side mirrors....I would like $4000 for it

    Here is hopefully the right link....
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    Thanks everybody for looking but thise project is no longer for sale....
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    uhmm where's the link?
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