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Thread: Countach 5000s Vancouver BC $38,000 CDN

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    Countach 5000s Vancouver BC $38,000 CDN

    I was over in Vancouver on the weekend talking to a fellow replica enthusiast(Gary) I met on here a couple years ago that has a 5000s. We worked together to get a couple Countach screens off Alan Schrager before he sold his business off to Don Barry.

    Gary has decided to sell his Countach off as he has had a change in priorities. I went over and had a close look at everything on the car. He has installed an LS4 and auto trans traverse in the car. The LS4 is a low mileage engine and it purrs.

    Lamborghini Countach replica for sale

    Car details:
    • Armstrong body and frame
    • Built by another builder and not Armstrong himself
      • I guess the builder bought a few bodies and frames from Armstrong and built them back in the day

    • 17" rims (I think they are Diablo rims but don't quote me)
    • New rubber on two and good rubber on the other two
    • LS4 and auto trans installed by a rod shop in Vancouver at great expense
      • They did a very nice job on it

    • Curved windscreen
      • Screen goes right to the sides as per oem with no fiberglass a-pillars as some replicas end up with

    • Curved, glass side windows and quarter windows
    • Lower side window rolls down the 2" as per oem
    • rad is in the front not under the side vents as oem
    • Electronic poppers for all doors and lids
      • I would change them back to mechanical if it was me buying the car but personal preference

    • Doors are very solid and close well with no wobbling like so many replicas
    • Interior is white but old
      • Could use an interior refresh

    • Paint is good all round but there are a few areas where nicks and paint cracks are showing
      • The paint was put on in early '90's so some wear an d tear expected
      • Front windshield is cracked but he has the replacement

    • Battery and engine electronics are in the rear trunk
    • Engine has a low throaty V8 growl

    He is looking to let it go for $38k CDN
    He has way more into it than that as per all replicas.....
    He is looking for a quick sale so will entertain offers but no low balls will be considered
    I can help with getting more pics and more review of the car if needed
    I also vouch for Gary as he is a great guy and wouldn't screw anyone around on a deal

    I also have more pictures than what is on the Craigslist ad so email me and I can send along.
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    Nice car! One of my favorite exotics.

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    Yes. This is my favorite as well. Good thing I have one to build......

    This car sold very quickly and is off to a new owner in Vancouver somewhere.

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