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Thread: Wow, this is a nice Countach replica on Ebay....

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    Wow, this is a nice Countach replica on Ebay....

    ...or so I thought from the list page. But, Oh no, it's another Fiero and the seller is using a PICTURE OF A GENUINE CAR as their lead picture in the listing.

    Not cool:

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    That car is very local to me if anyone is interested. I could take a look at it. I was told by the owner that its a short wheel base. How could it be extraordinarily correct and accurate replica?
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    The passenger door doesnt even close correctly, check out the big gap at the top. I bet that is fun to listen to on the highway! (riding on the back of a rollback)

    BUWahahaha, the description states the EMBLEMS are REAL! WOW!!!!
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