I had a Monte Carlo when I was about 19 or 20. The doors probably weighed more than I did. I was single, had super fast metabolism, and couldn't put weight on. The doors were heavy, the interior was the same red 'velvet' upholstery as this car, and my car kind of leaned to the driver's side.

The previous owner was a woman who weighed nearly 400 pounds. Literally, she had gotten too big to get in the car, and that's why she sold it. Anyway, whether it was due to her weight, or some other reason, the car had a driver's side lean. It was my "gangsta ride". lol

Anyway, here is a very unique car I found while searching eBay for an F-car... Outside reminiscent of a Rolls, interior vintage Chevy. lol

Not exactly "one of a kind", but apparently they are pretty rare, probably less than 100 produced. Apparently, Rolls sued the manufacturer out of business before many were produced.