Here's a good looking F-car, a 512BB in Vegas.

Poster says this is Corson #008. Says 30k miles on V8 5.7 TPI engine, 5 speed, recent paint, new shocks/struts, working A/C... which is a bonus in Vegas.

Says he just drove it from LA to Vegas with no problems, so he may be a flipper, as he has a 328 (shown below) at the same phone number.

Not a bad looking ride, but needs some work for accuracy. Looks like the front emblem is missing, huge gaps behind the headlights, wheels too small for fender openings? Can't tell if the front hood is all one piece, but I think it is. Interior is white, looks like redesigned dash.

I wish he had posted more pix... CL gives you like 20 or 25 photos for free. Use them, people! lol

Also has this 328 listed with the same phone number: