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Thread: Very nice Kelmark

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    Very nice Kelmark

    Here is a great looking Kelmark. According to the seller, he is the only owner since it was built, garage kept, less than 10k miles, VW engine well maintained with receipts. He says it is still the original gelcoat, and never repainted.

    Probably one of the cleanest Kelmarks I've seen since I was a teen. This sale will be interesting to watch.

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    I agree with you. This looks to be in great condition and one of the nicest one's I have seen in quite some time. I had a black one for a short period of time in the early 90's. Alot of fun but it felt a little on the heavy side as they were built quite thick imo. Not that it was a bad thing...

    I'm a watcher on this one too.


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