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Thread: Nice Looking F355 Berlinetta

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    Nice Looking F355 Berlinetta

    Here is a red on tan F355 coupe.

    Fiero dash, needs detailing inside, driver's seat appears to have a bad seam, blue interior door handles. Not sure if there are separate rocker panels, or if bottom of door goes all the way down. Says it is the right dimensions, but doesn't look like it's stretched... maybe just the photos. Nice wheels, MagnaFlow exhaust, HID headlights, improved cooling system. Shield appears to be a little too high. VERY streamlined side mirrors.

    And there's that whole transmission thing... Sammy Hagar couldn't drive 55, and I can't drive an automatic F-car replica. Go 5-speed, or go home! lol

    I think the price is a little bit high, but maybe I'm just cheap.

    Anyway, it appears to be a nice basic 355 replica. Then again, it could just be the weird Instagram filter.

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    It looks nice, it appears that one of the pics on the link are of the car without the filter and it still looks pretty good. If the build is high quality and done right (proper panel gaps, nice paint, clean donor, etc) then I would think that is a good price. I agree with you on the transmission though, I would have to convert to manual if it were mine. If I were in the market for a replica of this model Ferrari, I think I would be very interested in this particular one.

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    Agree has to be a manual.

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