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Thread: MERA # 8082 for sale

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    MERA # 8082 for sale

    Here is a Pontiac MERA for sale. SN# 8082. Current bid is a little over $6k, with over $5k in work performed this year at West Coast Fiero.

    Partially badged as an F-car, it has the horsey on the rear panel, red F-car engine cover, horn button, and nose badge. The rear lid paint shows where the "MERA" badge was... in unfaded paint. Also, the OEM "2.8 V6" badge is on the rear panel, right above the "GTS" badge. Paint appears faded on the driver's headlight door, a large scratch on the passenger front quarter panel, and lots of little rock chips. The interior (aside from the horn button) is OEM Fiero. The car has an automatic transmission, and retained the MERA info stickers.

    It looks like a really nice starter car, and could be taken either direction... towards the exclusivity of an F-car clone by installing an upgraded interior, or to MERA super-exclusivity by removing the F-car badges and reinstalling the MERA badges.

    The price is certainly in my range. I would be interested if it had a manual transmission.

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    Nothing very special about this IMO

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    For some odd reason i think that those cars will someday worth a fortune.
    There are rare & as the years go by few will survive.
    There is also a very strange story behind them.A "Ferrari" shell on a Pontiac.I find it fascinating that they managed to build & sell them.

    Slipondajimmy you are probably right but i can't help thinking that this is a good investment.

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    They are one of the best kits of the time as their quality was good enough to be sold new through Pontiac dealers . Few kit cars were built on brand new donors . Most use a junky old car as a donor, the mera was a brand new fiero with an oem quality rebody and it indeed may be worth something someday , just like the special edition muscle cars sold by Yenko and Baldwin Motion dealership

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