eBay has a listing for a Corson 512 berlinetta.

This is the fourth time I have seen it listed... First time, I think the buyer flaked out, second time I think he ended it early for a local sale... then that buyer's wife flaked out, then he listed it Buy It Now for $19,900 , and now he has it on BIN for $10,500. I think it's worth about 1/2 what he's asking, due to the condition.

Was stored outside for several years, if I remember correctly from a previous listing. Will need some TLC... hole in the passenger A-column, lights work but don't popup, roof around the sunroof looks pretty rough, needs new weatherstripping, paint pretty tired, passenger door won't open without explosives, etc. Needs more money and skills than I have, but maybe someone out there could give it a nice home and restore it's glory. They are some great looking cars, and I've been told Corson was probably the best built body of any F-car replica of it's era.