Hello, im a Robert Briggs i live in New York. I have a real 2007 Lamborghini Lp640 that you can see pics off on Lambo-Talk or Lambo Power. I come here because i was approached a local kit car builder a while back by someone who told me they frequent this site, and they told me they wanted to "Borrow" my glass engine cover to make replica copies from. I agreed, not because i am a sweet guy but because i ws suppose to get a copy to sell for myself. It seemed like a good deal, but now i can no longer reach that person. The police department says i was given a False name. I wont make a huge fuss as im sure this person will never be caught but please be on the look out. Im sure it wont be hard to spot the guy who has a replica and a $8,000 engine cover. Sorry for your time. If the person is caught i will give a $5,000 reward. And if anyone buys a copy he makes i would consider that knowingly purchasing stolen property. Thanks, Robert