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    Has anyone bought this? Look like a good product.
    I'm no way affiliate with them.

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    You can buy a 4 post lift for the same price. Unless you absolutely don't have the ceiling height for a lift, I can't see paying that much this one.

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    Unless you just want something portable, I don't think it is worth it. I have a "mid-rise" lift and is good for doing bodywork but that is about it. You will still have to get on your knees or lay down to do everything else. We bought a mid rise for body work. I'm not a young guy (not that old either) and 20+ years of crawling around cars has shot my knees. The mid-rise lift is a life saver, it puts the rocker about waist high. If you look around you can find mid-rise lifts for under a grand.

    Anyway, if you have the room, the link is to a great lift for the money. My wife and I gave one to her father two years ago for Christmas. I have the 11,000 pound version. And no I'm not affiliated. Just was a good deal and my lift, my mid-rise and my father-laws lift all came from these folks and my two have held up to daily use for years.


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    I do not know about them, but I can say that my dealing with has been good. I use this lift to parking and a little work. For working on a car the deal post is easier. For parking the dual ramp can be sealed against leaking fluids.

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