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Thread: MURCI-ME: Please respond!

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    MURCI-ME: Please respond!

    I ordered parts from Murci-Me on September 20th 2009 (engine cover set, paddle shifter kit, and other parts) and it is now the 29th of December and I have yet to receive one single part. The original agreement was that the parts would be done in less than 30 days because I needed them a.s.a.p. I gave Murci-Me a check to start the parts, but has yet to cash it, donít know if thatís a good sign or not. I have made every attempt to contact him both through calling and pmís, out of the 40 attempts that I made I have only gotten about 15 replies. I have an extremely busy job and sometimes I work over 17 hours a day but I still manage to send an email or call just find out the status of what is going on. I understand that Murci-Me is very busy but all I ask for is the courtesy to respond back.

    Iíve heard and read so many positive things about Murci-Me and the transactions that have taken place, so Iím not sure why this is happening to me. This is my first build and Iíve only dealt with a few people on this forum (Faker, Bartman, greenmeansgo, and gegamgasparian) and I know they can all vouch for me, I am not at all associated or connected with Mercenary or Joe at Inland Exotics like Murci-Me asked me once in an email and if either of these people come online I would respect if you would confirm this. I understand that both Murci-Me and Mercenary had a bad business deal and that is totally not my concern and I donít know how I even got mixed into that whole mess, especially since I have only talked to Mercenary and Joe twice in my whole life. The person who is doing my build is actually on the other side of the United States and he is a member of this forum and if he chooses to reply to this then that is totally up to him.

    All Iím asking for is the professional courtesy to let me know if you are still going to supply me with the parts that I have ordered and not lead me along for 3 months as if you are going to sell me the parts but barely reply to my messages. I offered to come down to your house any day to pick up the parts and I even offered to pay you double for your parts so that I could get them sooner. Iíve done all that I can to deal with this in a professional manner and I have no clue what else to do because nothing has seemed to work.

    The offer still stands that I can come by anytime or you can ship the parts but please let me know something.


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    Re: MURCI-ME: Please respond!

    I can certainly vouch for pj413's integrity. He is good non confrontational honest man.

    I honestly believe Murci-Me has bit off more then he can chew. He hasnt cashed your check so he is NOT stealing which is a major plus, But I can certainly understand the frustration of empty promises. I think this whole forum is watching to see how this Gegam issue works out, and I pray it works out well!

    At this point in time I still greatly respect Murci-Me, but I think he at least needs to meet his current obligations. You've stated numerous times how busy you are and I believe you, But I think you should work out a plan to finish your current workload and dont take on new work until you can do it comfortably. Communication is very important as well, If you are honest and you communicate with people they will appreciate you for it.

    On a side note what did you order pj? PM me if you dont want to list here.

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    Re: MURCI-ME: Please respond!

    I ordered the complete engine cover set (fuel rail cover, 4 throttle bodies, 2 intake plenums), headlight rings, paddle shifters, and door sills.

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    Re: MURCI-ME: Please respond!

    Just a little side note, Murci-me told me that he was just about finished with my parts on November 29th, so my guess is the parts should be completed now.

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    Re: MURCI-ME: Please respond!

    i would love to have you as a return customer 8)
    very good business ethics

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    Re: MURCI-ME: Please respond!

    I can confirm that I am not connected to PJ. Mike please feel assured that I will not try to copy your parts.

    Murcie Me, by any means I am not trying to fuel or make you look bad but one of my clients did give you a $500 cash deposit for some parts a couple of months ago and he has been trying to contact you as well for a refund since you do not feel comfortable with me touching your parts. He does not have an account and asked me to contact you. Please Contact him as soon as you can so he can feel assured that he will get his money back, his name is Mike. Thanks and hopefully 2010 will be better for you and your family.

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    Re: MURCI-ME: Please respond!

    Not to stir the pot up... because you all know I have had too many numerous issues with michael wayne chase's stalling and his too many to list "empty promises" and numerous lies...

    But this is totally his M.O. and more and more people are beginning to see his true character and the type of person he truly is.

    I hope he is able to fullfill his promises to his other customers "unlike" he was able or willing to do for me.

    All the best.

    MURCEnary :-\

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    Re: MURCI-ME: Please respond!

    OP sounds very genuinely concerned...Has Murci responded back since this thread via PM? I've seen him online I spend too many hours at the computer here I guess lol

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    Re: MURCI-ME: Please respond!

    No, Mucri-me has yet to reply yet. All I wan't to do is resovle this and there would be no hard feelings!

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    Re: MURCI-ME: Please respond!

    the worst is to never reply back at all..... then no one will know whats going on.

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