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Thread: my new friend bartman

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    my new friend bartman

    now that my extra work is done and im back to the car world. yeeeaahhhh the pit box's are done. i recently went on a small road trip to meet a couple builders, since i now have molds to build diablo bodies i have spoken to a few of the guys that do fiberglass work, and i have to say that bart was the most helpfull, he was a true stand up guy and was very nice and honest. i also got to see alot of his work, and was very impressed with everything he has going on, i hope to get a couple ferrari bodies from him. maybe a cobra also, in anycase his work is awsome and well done. would not be afraid of buying anything from him even his chassis which i might add i feel is going in the right direction with the use of proven performance racing components which i will add is cheaper, liter, and can not be killed. thanks for everything bart.

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    Re: my new friend bartman

    You are welcome. I enjoyed meeting you and my door is open anytime you want to come back.

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