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Thread: MR2Kits - Dave Jones

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    MR2Kits - Dave Jones

    Has anyone is the US actually purchased, received and installed a kit from MR2Kits in the UK? I am interested in your opinion about the quality of the fiberglass work - were there any problems (air bubbles, thin glass, uneven edges, etc.) that we typically hear about or is this a good quality product? And, can he arrange shipping to you in the US or is that the buyer's project to handle? Finally, how are the body piences wrapped or otherwise protected in the crate or containier for the long shipment? I will appreciate as much detail as you can offer about the reliability of this company and what your expereince was with them. Thank you.

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    Re: MR2Kits - Dave Jones

    I would be pleased to help with any queries you have.
    Which kit were you interested in?
    I can send photos of kit pieces to show the finish if you contact me direct.
    Shipping can be arranged to your door curbside. You pay duties and taxes payable in your country.
    Kits comes fully insured in ply lined wooden crates treated and certified for entry into your country, inside a container. The fibreglass panels themselves are very durable so they do not require individual protection like bubble wrap or anything, as you will be sanding the gelcoat down ready for spraying.

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    Re: MR2Kits - Dave Jones

    Do you have Left Hand Drive interior?
    Do you have any idea what the shipping total would be to the states?

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    Re: MR2Kits - Dave Jones

    No LH interior at the moment as he said in the GTF thread.

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    Re: MR2Kits - Dave Jones

    To give accurate shipping costs we need to know your address, so pm if you need a quote.
    A budget cost for the US would be between 800 to 1250 curbside (to your door). The shipment would be in an full ply lined crate treated for bug infestation and certified for entry to US ports, and would be fully insured. We can also price for port only and curbside with tail lift for if you do not have a fork lift truck handy, although this is an amazingly high cost in the US. In the UK, a tail lift option is around 35, but in the US it's around 150 !!! - not sure why - maybe they are not used so much in the US?

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    Re: MR2Kits - Dave Jones

    If the crate is sturdy enough you can ease the crate off the back of a truck by slide and balance and push. Then drag / slide it off the back. That's what I did with my DNA kit and then gave the driver $20 for helping. Then again I'm just cheap!
    If anyone needs any help with the paperwork into the US let me know.

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