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Thread: Murcie Me "Mike Chase" ripped me off! Do not send this guy money!!!!!!!!

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    Murcie Me "Mike Chase" ripped me off! Do not send this guy money!!!!!!!!

    So Im of those guys that was watching "Murcie Me" build thread over a year ago and was interested in building a murcielago but did
    not want to build one unless I could have the interior oem looking.Because every other replica I saw when you looked inside the interior
    never looked like the real car and you could tell it was a replica.So when I saw MM interior I started my build I figured I could buy his interior set I started about 7 months ago took about a week to get a hold of him on here I told him I wanted to leave him a deposit for his interior he told me i could drop the deposit off at his house and check out his car so I saw his car in person and was like this guy is the real deal interior looked good!So I left him a $500 deposit he said i would have everything in a month! Couple months went by still nothing then I started to see other people on here writing about their bad experiences with him then I started to get worried tried contacting him leaving messages he never replied back but in the beginning when I told him I wanted to leave him money He replied back to every message I sent him I had other people contact him and ask him why I he had not sent my parts yet and he said that he did have my address but I gave it to him when I gave him the deposit then finally got a hold of him four months later sent him my address and now five months later still nothing! and no replys back from my messages this is the guy that makes people not want to start a replica cause who could you trust in this business? I would say about a hand full of people are legit in this business at least for murcielago lp640 builders I think I wish I would have never saw MM "Mike Chase" build thread cause I would be further ahead in my build and have $500 dollars to go towards my build and now their are other people making the interior on here "Lambo Lambo" is one of them I have seen his stuff and it is great and he ships his stuff out when he says he will! and as far as builders go I think Joe from "Inland Exotics" is one of the best builders for a lamborghini and how would I know? Because I found him about 8 months ago went to his shop liked his work and comissioned him for my build got a Lp640 body and made all the changes with him to look like a real lp640 those of you that have seen the body in person know what im talking about pretty much perfect! Anyways thought I would let people know so this does not happen to them dealing with Mike Chase he has sent some people parts but thats up to you if you want to take a gamble to see if you will get parts I also thought maybe he doesent want to send me parts cause Joe is building Mercenarys car now but then he has my address send my $500 dollar deposit back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!He is out of his mind if he thinks he is gonna take my $500 dollars I will see him again! To the rest good luck on your builds in this industry of scams.............................

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    Re: Murcie Me "Mike Chase" ripped me off! Do not send this guy money!!!!!!!!

    I am sorry to hear about your unfortunate dealings.

    Welcome to the club. mike chase should be in jail. He is a liar, a thief and a fraud.

    The people I feel bad for is his wife and kids... They are innocent and yet they will end up having to pay for his sins in the long run. All he had to do was be an honest guy and do what he promised he would and his finances would be fine... it never fails to amaze me how some guys think they can outright rip people off and think they will get away with it.

    I wish you all the best in your build.

    By the way do you have your LP640 body kit on your car from Joe?



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    Re: Murcie Me "Mike Chase" ripped me off! Do not send this guy money!!!!!!!!

    Thanks mikez.

    Sorry to hear your story.
    Please don't give up the whole basket when one in it is rotten.
    I believe Joe at InlandExotics can help u build it.
    But not now as he's rushing like mad for his customer(s).

    This is one of the reason why i don't take deposit untill parts are packed and ready for next day shipping.
    So i won't causes sleepless nights to my customers while waiting as parts making is only my part time job.

    Sometimes i'm too busy with my jobs.
    But no matter how busy, it wouldn't take months!

    But i think i will start asking for small deposit as low as $50 or $100 to secure myself.
    3 out of 10 of the customers in waiting list, back out when their parts are ready. >

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    Re: Murcie Me "Mike Chase" ripped me off! Do not send this guy money!!!!!!!!

    I told Joe I would wait for another body. My car is all done at his shop waiting for the new body to put on......should be getting it soon!
    thanks least you didn't give up if i went threw what you had to go threw i would be done with my build! and Keep up the good work lambo lambo you do quality work I'm sure if you have a couple people back out of their order you would have no problem with filling their place you make the best interior kit Ive seen so far.......

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