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Thread: Carbon Fiber Creations

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    Carbon Fiber Creations

    Okay this is for all you out there that have dealt with Carbon Fiber Creations in the past. Now I am NOT trying to promote my business, I sell my private pieces here. In the past the business was owned by another person,(we wont name names) but now things have changed. Recently I placed an ad for a interior door handle set for a Lamborghini Gallardo. Now, the customer who was interested in having some work done, ended up changing his mind because of past Bad PR. I want to change all of that. I want to know ya'll what it will take so that you will want my private pieces. So let me know.... The good the bad and the ugly...
    Mona Simpson

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    Re: Carbon Fiber Creations

    Why not just change the name?

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    Re: Carbon Fiber Creations


    My advice would be to make some lambo parts that everyone wants. Why not a replica murci engine cover? Not the trunk, but the actual engine cover. Replica door panels in carbon. Replica mirrors. How about replica body kits for the actual lambo. Vetter did this with the Gemballa Gt and it looks hot for the GTs he builds. Good luck.
    If you make parts and your on paypal, i will buy.
    Yellow Vetter Carrera Gt-boxter based
    White Vetter Murcielago-boxter based
    White Gagliardi Vendetta
    Gemballa avalanche 911

    Team Mad Mechanics 2016

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    Re: Carbon Fiber Creations

    In response to coreywms, I'd change the name but truely CFC already has a decent reputation. It just hasn't caught up with us here at madmechanics. And as for making those parts well I see no reason why I couldn't. However since I'm not a sponsor on this site, I can't advertise all that my shop can do.But I can say I am on paypal.

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