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Thread: vendetta coupe is ready.....

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    Re: vendetta coupe is ready.....

    Sick work...the car looks phenomenal. Can I get mine in all carbon fiber?

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    Re: vendetta coupe is ready.....

    This thing is sweet! If it wasn't 70k I would be standing outside there doors waiting for mine! Nice work!

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    Re: vendetta coupe is ready.....

    no offense, but for 70K you buy alot more.

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    Re: vendetta coupe is ready.....

    I think this car looks great! I bet the more of these he makes the more OEM like they will become. You can't get a car that looks like that for that kind of price!

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    Re: vendetta coupe is ready.....

    is every body missing the part that states its the original prototype thats for sale at 70k. some people would pay that amount to have the only one/first one in existence. im sure the future builds will fit the normal build pricing give or take a few $.

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    Re: vendetta coupe is ready.....

    whos gonna come out with a replica vendetta coupe so us regular folk can afford one;lol just kidding. i understand the price. the design is beautiful and i always thought that the gagliardi design was what a modern lambos should have looked like;lol. great work

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    Re: vendetta coupe is ready.....

    Supposedly Gagliardi is two years out on orders already so it would seem that they have a handle on the pricing.

    The cars seem to be nice and built right and your purchasing from an actual company, not some jackass on ebay with a hacked up car claiming it's "95% done" for $40k. You all know the ads I'm talking about. I see them all the time and I just laugh.

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    Re: vendetta coupe is ready.....

    I think 10k for the kit is very reasonable. 70k better bring me a tube chassis backed by a G50 Trans and LS3 engine.

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    Re: vendetta coupe is ready.....

    I know this is an aged thread, but I like the car. I just wish the front doesn't look so much like the Murci.

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    Re: vendetta coupe is ready.....

    Pricing is what it is because anyone whose built a quality kit car knows what it takes to produce one to the level that Gagliardi Design is building. If you're only willing to pay for a crapper, that's what you'll get. There's lots of that out there, so Franco has carved out a pretty nice niche for himself. To that end, he's the only builder I'm personally aware of that's delivered a quality completed car as promised in the last several years.

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