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Thread: vendetta coupe is ready.....

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    Ignorant? I've seen a few of these cars complete on craigslist for under 30k complete. You could also get a nice project with everything you need to complete the build too in most cases. Depends on where you look. There comes a point where it's no longer cost effective to build a replica. Especially when you can get a near new Lotus Evora for $50,000 Which could turn just as many heads as any exotic would. But it's your money. your project. not mine.
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    You always have to take a fabricating cost in building the car. That is the number one reason 90% of these car fail to get done. It's cheaper to buy a finished car on ebay then to build one. I guarantee you that murci-me has over 50,000 grand in labor cost time on his own car. Now think if you didnt do the work and had to hire a fab guy. Average fab price is 100+ an hour, at least that's what I charge. If you can't fab or glass, don't get into this hobby. You'll end up on the losing end.
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    I really like the coupe version of this car, but I wouldn't want to buy a turnkey. Not that it wouldn't be nice, it's just that I'd rather have the option of doing it myself in order to save money (Plus satisfaction of building your own). I can totally understand the 'near real lambo' price tag on a high quality kit, that is what drew me to replicas/kits in the first place.... A former Ferrari owner that went sour on the ownership experience after the negative effect on resale that occurred from actually driving the car or working on it without precious dealer records, (not to mention the maintenance costs and fragile nature of clutches and other wear and tear items compared to even a Toyota), I wanted something with exotic looks and performance but with the reliability and maintenance costs of a Corvette or Supra. This Gagliardi coupe is just the kind of car I'm thinking of....Lambo looks, but still an original design, powerful but dependable and inexpensive motor options, light weight and great performance...... for someone that really puts miles on their cars, I could see justifying spending nearly used exotic money on a car like this. I could get a Ferrari 360 again for that price, or try a 2004 Gallardo, but other than initial entry price, the similarities in overall cost end right there.....put some significant miles on either and the operating costs will just get higher and higher. Plenty of exotic owners will tell you its exaggerated, but these are the same guys with 04 Ferrari's with 17k miles on them. Hard to rack up big operating costs when the extent of the vehicles 'operations' are a weekend idle in the garage. I'm told the Audi based Lambos like the Gallardo are much cheaper to drive than other exotics, but the clutches are still a small fortune and don't last nearly as long as a manual G50......and they've still got the high cost 30k services that are big $$$.

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