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Thread: 458 donor opinions

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    458 donor opinions

    if a 458 kit were produced which donor would be good?

    wheelbase = 104.3"

    so far I am thinking the following:

    1) Hyundai Tiburon / coupe (99.6" wheelbase) - FWD
    2) Toyota MR2 MK2 (94.5") - RWD
    2) Toyota MR2 MK3 (96.5") - RWD
    3) Toyota Celica 6th gen (99.8") - FWD /4WD
    4) Toyota Celica 7th gen (102.4") - FWD
    5) Nissan 240sx (99.7")
    6) Toyota supra (100.4")

    7) Peugeot 406 coupe (106.3") - FWD

    what do you guys think?

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    Re: 458 donor opinions

    find someone to make this rear mid-engine cradle for the Cougar at a good price ,sell it both ways with an without the susp. for the USA Cougar version

    who made this mid-engine cradle !
    In the USA if you pay a company / person to start a plug, then it,s your plug and work ,it is not theirs to sell or trade !!

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    Re: 458 donor opinions

    The best donor for the money would be my toyota mk3,lol. Seriously though, it is already the correct wheelbase, mid-engine, modern, and cheaper than any other option. I challenge anyone to submit a better donor for less than $6k. Before anyone suggest a $500 dollar fiero with $5k of upgrades; be aware of the time and effort that it would take to do so and would still be a 20+ year old donor.

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    Re: 458 donor opinions

    I'm inclined to agree, the MR2 would be the most practical donor of those offered thus far.

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    Re: 458 donor opinions

    bump, good topic

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    Re: 458 donor opinions

    the MK2 or MK3?

    the MK3 is 8" short?

    I could do a stretch on them, I have worked on the mk2 for the Extreme Murci.

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    Re: 458 donor opinions

    I like the 7th gen Celica modified like the Cougar in the picture. The wheelbase is pretty close.

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    Re: 458 donor opinions

    7th Gen Celica might be the best in this list. I'm going to have to vote for the FIero tho- none of the other cars can match the performance potential of that car without a lot of engineering. I know it's 20 yrs old, but I don't really understand what's so bad about that, aside from lack of airbags(who cares) and dated suspension, and there are a few bolt on options out there to solve that.

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    Re: 458 donor opinions

    its so funny how people defend fieros. "its only 20 years old, poor suspension, no powersteering, more expensive to stretch, fewer ameninities, etc... compared to a mk3, but you still think the fiero is the better choice.

    why dont you start by giving a good reason for choosing the fiero. the mk3 is lighter, this couild have been a good post.

    also, the mk2 is a harder stretch than the mk3 because of the gas tank.

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    Re: 458 donor opinions

    i dont believe the fiero requires less engineering to get high performance. it requires suspension upgrade, engine swap, etc...

    just to compare tp mk3 with some tuning. and forget about coming close to a italian supercar sound with a 3800 or v8.

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